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Bard Catheters, Drainage Bags & Other Urological Products

Bard is an industry leader in urological supplies. Bard produces a wide variety of intermittent catheters and foley catheters as well as drainage bags and other supplies. Trustworthy, convenient and affordable, Bard’s products provide peace of mind to men and women of all ages with urological incontinence.

Courtesy Care Supplies requires a copy of your prescription be sent before catheter purchases can be processed.

Shipping is fast and discreet. Courtesy Care is proud to offer a wide variety of incontinence supplies and urological supplies.

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Bard Enteral Piston Syringe in Polyethylene Bag Bard Red Rubber Intermittent Catheter Bard Clean Cath Straight Tip Intermittent Catheter

Bard Clean Cath Straight Tip Female Intermittent Catheter Bard Clean Cath Straight Tip Pediatric Intermittent Catheter Bard Silicone-Coated Latex Foley Catheter

Bard Irrigation Tray with 60cc Piston Syringe Bard Clean Cath Coude Olive Tip Intermittent Catheter BARD DISPOZ-a-BAG® Leg Bag with Latex Leg Straps

Bard Urinary Night Drainage Bag - 2000cc Bard Foley Insertion Trays Bard Intermittent Catheter Tray with Catheter

Bard Leg Bag Extension Tubing - 18" with Connector - Non Sterile Bard Touchless Plus Intermittent Catheter Kit BARD DISPOZ-a-BAG Leg Bag - Flip Flo Valve - Fabric Straps

Bard Red Rubber Intermittent Coude Olive Tip Catheter Bard All Silicone Foley Catheter Bard Drainage Bags, Anti-Reflux Chamber - 2000ml

Bard Urinary Night Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Bard Add-A-Foley Insertion Tray Bard Closed System Foley Tray

Bard Urinary Night Drainage Vinyl Bag - 4000ml with Anti-Reflux